José Antonio Ondiviela

International Government Solutions

Jose Antonio Ondiviela is the Microsoft Western Europe Public Sector Industry Solutions Executive for Government / SMARTCITIES. He joined Microsoft in 1995 and holds a wealth of Microsoft experience in field sales, sales strategy, partners management, operations and marketing. In 2004, he started the Local&Regional Government business in Spain. He incubated the Digital Cities Accelerator, precursor of the Digital Town Hall initiative, then Citizen Service Platform, and now CityNext (SmartCities Solutions from Microsoft partners). Since 2008, he has a Western Europe Public Sector business management role.

Aged 52, married, two children, Jose Antonio was born in Spain. He studied his Telecommunications Engineer University Degree in Madrid, a Master in Enterprise and Institutional Communication Management in Barcelona, and a Financial Business Master online from INSEAD.

He has also worked for Unisys and Alcatel.

His favorite hobbies are Wine Culture (Enology), Golf, and spend time with his family at country space.



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